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Dyed black

October 28, 2009

Just two weeks ago Vogue Paris stirred up controversy for colouring Lara Stone’s skin into a dark, near brown tan for an editorial ph by Steven Klein (see full spread here).

lara-stone-vogue-paris-october-09-black lara-stone-vogue-paris-october-2009

It’s a misstep on Carine’s part that the spread is linked with racism, if they would like to feature a black model for a supermodel issue, they could get Naomi or Liya any time. However, there is not a singlre black model for this issue. But seeing this from an artistic vision, they are probably trying to do something different with Lara because she already had one entire issue dedicated to her and theref0re a fresher, newer look had to be used for Lara’s future spreads if they were to feature her again and again, something team Vogue Paris love to do. For example, she went brunette for the September main story.

Darkening a model’s skin tone is one of Steven Klein’s trademark. Remember this Vogue US 2008 September issue spread he shot, where Caroline trentini was dyed black?




And check this out, power model twins Donna and Gwen Loos in a spread together for Dutch Glamour (not by Klein though), Donna (or Gwen?) is in black.




Depending on how people see it, colouring a model’s skin tone is quite a risky thing to do right now, no?

[images: TFS scans]

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  1. October 28, 2009 2:40 am

    a tribute to jacko? it dosen’t matter if you are black or white

  2. constantin permalink
    October 30, 2009 11:08 am

    Thats just silly they didnt say anything when they dyed lady gaga’s skin for V magazine (which by the way was a disgusting editorial anyhow)
    this one isnt any better….

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