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Blackmarket Manifesto

October 25, 2009

Excuse my blurry phone camera pictures, but here’re a few snaps of Max Tan’s all-white collection.



The pictures obviously don’t do the collection any justice, see the full show video here.

Max Tan’s pieces were a clear standout on Friday. Well, Gian Romano’s was close second (if not for the similarity to Rick Owens + Rad Hourani…), but the minimalist aesthetic of MT is just spot on for me. It seems like he has an obssession with the white shirt, manipulating it into different forms and silhouettes, all of which are totally wearble and feels totally Spring-y. One entire collection of white is a statement by itself. There is this one-shoulder single sleeve white dress that looks like half of the shirt had been slashed, but the result is almost dream-like, rather sweet.

ETA: pictures by Fadli Rahman


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