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Couture begins

July 7, 2009

Starting with Dior couture Fall 09′.

… most of the looks are in half. They either lose the bottoms or the top, that’s a lot of skin for a Fall collection. But actually, unknowingly, there are less pieces being showed in this already small collection and presentation. Pretty wise move to cut down costs.

… re-using the same chiffon/light weight see through skirts (Galliano is obssessed with them, seriously), loads of colours as usual, bar suits, the new look, embroideries, animal prints etc.

MAX-maxphotos-233691.440 MAX-maxphotos-233682.440

MAX-maxphotos-233681.4401 MAX-maxphotos-233677.440

MAX-maxphotos-233684.440 MAX-maxphotos-233685.440

MAX-maxphotos-233676.440 MAX-maxphotos-233675.440




[images: catwalking, getty]


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