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Random mag talk

March 4, 2009
  • How do you feel about Dasha Zhukova’s appointment as the new editor-in-chief of POP? When the news was announced about the editorial board, it sounds like the team is doing Tatler, you know one of those magazines that writes about nothing but parties/events, retail therapy, indulgence etc? At the moment I can’t see the link between socialites as editors, for an iconic super quirky magazine, but I don’t see the point of backlashing someone before seeing what she can do, as if one’s 100% sure that Dasha’s gonna turn POP into a Barbie magazine. It takes quite some courage to take up that position and start making the rounds at fashion week front rows, amidst all the gossiping, and with no prior experience.
  • Interview mag is also undergoing transformation apparently, with M/M Paris at hem. For this, it sounds really exciting. Love their earlier Balenciaga campaign art direction, all the illustrations and amazing vision they have:




  • I have problems getting my hands on a copy of LOVE mag at this end of the earth. Would hugely appreciate any kind assistance! (


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