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PRADA past exclusives 03′-09′

February 27, 2009

In the days marching up to THE show of Milan, let’s have some fun looking at old Prada exclusives.

(the ones with * did Prada as the very first official show they’ve walked in their career)


Spring 03′ 

Madeleine Blomberg              Mateja Penava                 Diana Dondoe

Fall 03′

Polina Kouklina*


Spring 04′

Querelle Jansen*                    Gemma Ward*                        Lauren Serge*

Marie Vandecaveye*

Some notes: This is where Gemma’s career took off!

Fall 04′

Romina Lanaro*                 Jovita*

Spring 05′

Kristen McMenamy               Shannan Click                Barbara Cassoni


Some notes: Kristen only did two shows that season, Prada and Chanel.


Fall 05′

Sasha Pivovarova*               Freja Beha Erichsen*         Claudia Merikula

Marla Boehr

Some notes: Fall 05’= where Sasha started, and the rest is history

Spring 06′

Leah de Wavrin                   Charlotte di Calypso            Tanya Dziahileva*

Behati Prinsloo                     Lina Mihailova*

Some notes: Charlotte Di Calypso nabbed another exclusive… for Calvin Klein Fall 06′. With two of the biggest exclusives in the industry, it’s a huge wonder why her career only took off… recently. Opening Dior couture is a major gig I suppose.

Fall 06′

Anna M Urazhevskaya*         Svieta Nemkova            Daiane Conterato*

Eva Helene Skarvig*             Suzanne Diaz                        Anna Kuchkina*

Gantz Gilles*


Spring 07′

Suvi Koponen                      Alyona Osmanova               Dasha Malygina*

Truus Hooiveld*

Fall 07′

Anabela Belikova*          Eva Arlauskaite*                      Oxana Pautova

Serafima Vakulenko            Laragh McCann


Spring 08′

(Warning: most number of exclusives ever)

Adina Forizs*                         Anna Gushina*                    Meghan Collison

Cate Chant*                           Sara Blomqvist                     Daria Strokous*

Alana Kuznetsova*              Yasminka Muratovich*        Claudia Seiler*

Ali Stephens*                         Lovisa Ingman*

Some notes: this is the season when the Russel Marsh accepting bribes from IMG scandal broke. But anyway, look at the exclusive line-up, only half of them are impressive, and managed to linger around till today.

Fall 08′

Naty Chabaneko*                    Cato van Ee*                        Elise Crombez

Some notes: Elise only walked one show— Prada— for Fall 08‘.


Spring 09′

Ymre Stiekema                       Nimue Smit*                        Katie Forgarty

Marloes Horst*                     Iuliia Chumack*                     Elena Lomkova*

Some notes: Ymre seems to be under a worldwide exclusive contract.

Fall 09′

Will Jac walk the show?


(See Calvin Klein’s past exclusives 02′-08′ here)



3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 27, 2009 11:22 pm

    This is an awesome round-up! Prada picks the creme de la creme models I reckon…but I’m still waiting for the day they pick exclusives with a different skin colour…not just the standard pretty blonde…

  2. February 28, 2009 6:05 pm

    My favourites are Fall ’06 and Spring ’08. Although, the shoes from Fall ’08 were sublime genius.
    Have you noticed the way all the collections from 2003 to now, are very, very classic, even if I wore something from the ’06 collection, it would still be very chic.

  3. March 2, 2009 7:38 am

    Few actually made it BIG and the two that did explode — Gemma & Sasha — were primarily due to their iconic Prada’s ad campaigns anyway.

    The only one who did well without a major Prada ad was Tanya D.

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