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Karlie Kloss for 10 Winter 08′

October 28, 2008

Girl is getting it, fast.


A lot of people have been questioning about how young the models are these days and how tough the industry are for these girls. Getting used to nudity on runway and editorials, drugs, pressure to stay thin, competitions… all of these when you are 15? 16? Think about it. But most of these girls are discovered real young, even before graduating from high school, who can resist a modeling opportunity? 

Karlie is definitely one of the younger successful models. She only turned 16 not long ago (she made her debut at Calvin Klein at 15) but from her videos and latest editorials, she seems a lot more mature now and is settling in to the demands of the industry. Maybe she wasn’t afraid, or feeling awkward at all in the first place, even way back when she was starting. I have mentioned this before but really, during fashion week she is the one that has been looking really fresh and sharp all the way from New York to the last show in Paris. She doesn’t just walk the runway, she tries to work it.

Not really feeling her Bvlgari fragrance ad though. One shouldn’t make a 16 year old look like 26. 


image: TFS 
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  1. Lupussy Galore permalink
    October 31, 2008 6:33 am

    I agree. I think its beyond ridiculous to use this young girls and then make them look older. Therefore I don’t like fashion photography less than I did.
    These girls are at an age where they should have a good education, an age where they should find a goal in life, have fun etc. I find these model scouts cruel and rude people. Bah!
    The new model of the moment, the so much admired Ymre Stiekema, Dutch new hype, 16 years old, still at school and looking in the ads like an almost 30 year old. Uglier than she’s for real. For real and natural she’s so beautiful and fresh. Bah!
    These young models need strong shoulders and a good back-ground to handle this all.

  2. Shaurie permalink
    September 3, 2009 4:03 am

    I disagree models get good edu. Im starting out nodeling soons with the hopes of being in teen vogue I get good grades and if i start everything will be the same expect for the modeling, also they want young modelsnow a days bc they want a fresher look and I dont think she looks 26 and sum choose to take laxitives sum r naturaly skinny how much they eat they r lways going to be naturaly skinny im about to be 14 and im 93lbs im kinda tall 5’6 my mom’s height and my BMI saays im under weight moeling runs in the family my mom was a model in the 70’s im not doing it bc of my mom bc i like it also im soon will be studying the fashion bussness. Everything id fine with young models butits rare to c a 15 yr old on the cat walk showing her breats.

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