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Amen, Rick Owens

September 29, 2008




I have a thing for this kind of western religion influences. For example that Gaultier Spring 07′ couture collection. The headpieces and the shoes might be very dramatic but the clothes are 100% wearable. The dresses have cut-outs, the fabric drapes and some looks are bare-backs. A dress like that, in monochrome, might look simple but they speak a lot in details. It is as though he mapped out the basic needs of a versatile garment and mixed a lot of elements together—comfort, sexy, modern. Plus the nun look injects a lot of innocence into the show, and made it very powerful and memorable at the same time (see the video below showing all the nuns marching out amidst the smoke). It could have easily turned to the grunge direction with those black leather and croc skin, but it doesn’t seen very hardcore afterall.

Owens has always been true to his aesthetics, he is definitely in a league of his own. 

One thing that bugs me is the shoes. They suit his clothes but I wonder who is going to wear them in real life… 

—see full collection here

images: TFS via catwalking
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  1. September 29, 2008 9:51 pm

    OH YES! I almost die outta laughter when I saw the second pic!


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