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Slipping off the edge

September 8, 2008

One of the biggest shows to hit New York fashion week so far is of course, Alexander Wang. Anna Wintour was finally there for the first time (she reportedly ran out right after Alex did his little dance) and with all the buzz about his previous fall collection, there was a lot of expectations.

Since the collection was inspired by sweat, the models stomped down the runway in very greasy makeup. According to NYDN, the look was created by “wearing moisturizer and face cream and some of them have lip gloss on top of their eye makeup… and last minute, spray them with water right before they walk out.” While I like the fact that he did something special, for the runway, this collection is rather average. It looks like he wanted this ultra rebellious, straight-out-of-the-dance-club look, but the clothes, the colours did not really match up to that vibe. The direction is also a little separated, seems like he wanted to do something different but didn’t want to go too far away from his aesthetics. 

Anna should have went for his fall 08′ show, then this.

Wintour @ the show


images:, jeremy kost (fashionista)
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