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Bloggers gathering + saturday photoshoot

August 24, 2008

Some pictures of the party that we had today to celebrate Fashion Nation’s 2nd anniversary and also the first gathering for local fashion bloggers.

The dessert and the cake were fantabulous.

From left: Perisa Cooper, Vogueite, Poshpalette and the girls of Fashion Nation.

The WottonCool duo

Fash-E, Trait and a reader

The Clothes Project

Me, my best pals from school and Rose.

(I forgot my camera so all these images are taken from Fashion Nation and Fash-E)

Since we went to the party (one of) the earliest and left pretty late, I managed to talk to a lot of fellow bloggers, almost everyone of them actually and we chatted about shopping, models, shoes etc. It was beyond fun, everyone was very smiley friendly. The atmosphere in the room was good despite the rain and I truly enjoyed the party. Thanks again to Fashion Nation for organizing this, I am looking forward to the next meet-up!

Ok let’s move on to the photoshoot on Saturday. This time round I am working with a more experienced crew. If it didn’t rain that day everything could have turned out well as planned but unfortunately it didn’t stop. We had to shift to an unplanned location (a studio) amidst the heavy downpour with a truck-load of equipments and continue with the shoot. I am glad that the shots are excellent in the end but the problems left me with a bad taste. I might have been through many shoots, both for BAZAAR and my personal ones, but it seems like I still have a lot to learnt. Anything can change during a shoot, and it is about being prepared and getting ready for the worst case scenario. Timing, model’s attitude, weather, props… all things can turn upside down and it could be a struggle to stay focus. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to launch the collection, on 1st September. After which I will be having a break from churning out collections because 1. I have a lot of prom dresses to make. Like what Christian Siriano would say, “prom is tacky and gross” but I really want to challenge myself this time round. 2. Report on the fashion week, it’s just around the corner! 3. I am going to have a much needed v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n in October. So basically, no collections until December, but I might be releasing individual looks to my ‘Design Gallery’ page. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. Stephie permalink
    August 25, 2008 2:01 am

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the party! Really happy you and your mates turned up, I checked out Lookbook last night (;

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