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Gemma Ward rumoured to be retiring

August 20, 2008

UPDATE: Gemma has confirmed that she will still be modelling after all, but won’t be around till year end.


…as Jackie Masters in The Black Balloon

Fashion might be losing a beloved babyface to Hollywood. An insider has revealed that Gemma Ward is retiring from modelling as a whole to pursue her acting dreams. That means, she might not even be hitting the runways in future (not even SS09), but you can’t predict the same thing about campaigns right?

It is kinda sad for me though, since she is the one that sparked my interest in models, and then fashion…
Let’s just pray that one fine day she will be huge in Hollywood and you will get to see her very often again, just not the high fashion-y way. But given the track record of many other model-turn-actress wannabes like Amber Valletta, Laetitia Casta… I can only wish her all the best.

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  1. August 20, 2008 4:10 pm

    Isn’t that old news? Gemma has already worked on three films. She has never made a secret of her ambition to become an actress. Not that the films she has done yet are masterpieces but who knows what the future has in mind for her?
    She was very good friends with the late Heath Ledger.

    Gosh, I miss the photos…….thanks for the explanation. Maybe due to all your sewing you’ve forgotten about it? Good luck with you collection by the way.

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