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Couture Fall 08′ wrap-up

July 3, 2008

Let’s start with this full-length video of the Dior couture show.

It made me realize a few things:
— out of the 44 looks shown, there are twelve gowns. The last gown is show-stopping no less, but I am thinking of those days when Galliano would create ten and not just one of that for couture.
— The casting is full of modelling newbies (actually, the entire couture week has been missing of veterans). They should have used 44 Natasha or Tanya. I broke out in sweat seeing Georgina struggling with the last gown but I really admire her confidence and courage. It is very very very impressive for a newbie.
— The models might get to keep the fabulous killer shoes, but I am sure they are not going to wear them anytime soon… even catwalk pros like Caroline Trentini stumbled in it (at the finale).
— John rocked a fierce pose at the end of the show and he didn’t smile, that is a huge contrast from the way he came out to thank the crowd at the previous Fall 08 and resort shows.
Maybe he knows it.

Is Armani paying tribute to Yves Saint Laurent?

I adore his work for ‘The Fifth Element’ and am glad that he sort of did a remake of it. You know, other designers can keep doing all the same ultra elegant, feminine creations for couture but Jean Paul Gaultier will forever be the one who puts fantasy and magic into high fashion. I don’t really care if they seen to be unwearable but this is just pure innovation and art.

Definitely not Riccardo’s best effort for Givenchy couture. However, this suit is simply perfect right down to the colour and cutting.

Alessandra is at her honeymoon period at Valentino. What a great debut, she hasn’t disappointed so far. I am beginning to see Valentino transitioning into an even upper class brand with clothes that are elegant to the max.
“I guess creating a couture gown is a bit like having a child – they both grow day by day, step by step. I know it can sound strange, but I never imagined couture could be so soothing.” — Alessandra Facchinetti

Battle of the brides, aka the most important final piece.
Who would you marry?

One last interesting story: this Fall 08′ couture fashion week happened to have clashed with the Parisian heatwave. It got so bad that all the programs have constantly been used as fans and can you imagine the models sweating in all those (very expensive) gowns and fur coats? The dry cleaning shops in Paris must be really busy now.


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  1. Nadir Tejani permalink
    July 3, 2008 2:06 pm

    I think that Georgina was okay for the dress, she’s just too young to wear such a piece. I would see Mariacarla or Natasha or even Snejana rocking that gown. Or Erin. She would walk her walk.

    Gaultier has impressed me, I loved the crinolines. Both his and Karl’s brides were the best of the week.

    Riccardo’s collection was very mature, but my favourite one still is Autumn 07 Couture. That was pure decadence. I love to see that he is creating more and more signatures in his work, such as the all-over printed looks. Those are pure couture.

    I have to say that I am surprised by Alessandra’s effort; it’s so good to see that she’s not feeling restrained by Mr. Valentino’s legacy. The clothes are elegant, edgy and extremely innovative. The dome skirt was so sculptural it blew me away.

  2. July 4, 2008 7:02 am

    Glad to see Alexandra fitting in so well at Valentino. Initially, I thought she was a bad fit for Valentino because she was fired from Gucci after 2 seasons. Her Gucci collection was not good at all. She even launched a Gucci wicker bag line that bombed despite being in all the ads at that time.

    Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano never fail to dazzle us. Their creations are so other worldly that we can’t keep our eyes off of the collections.

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