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Prada’s No.1 girls

June 9, 2008

Is it just me or does the latest Prada girl 1 has an uncannny resemblance to Daria?

Natalia Chabanenko

And isn’t it Prada that kicked start Miss Werbowy’s (amazing) modelling career?

Recently, I have been wondering when will the star-making machine churn out another sensation. Maybe it is because Sasha dominated it for too long, there hasn’t been much success from the recent No.1 girls (Suvi and Irina K are huge, kind of, but are lacking of major covers and Steven Meisel’s favour).

Here is a list of the Prada No.1s from the past seasons:

Starting at…

Fall 02′: Eva Herzigova
Spring 03′: Louise Pedersen
Fall 03′: Elise Crombez
Spring 04′: Daria Werbowy
Fall 04′: Raquel Zimmermann
Spring 05′: Kristen McMenamy (who’s she? Seriously.)
Fall 05′: Sasha Pivovarova
Spring 06′: Sasha Pivovarova
Fall 06′: Anna Mariya Urazhevskaya
Spring 07′: Suvi Koponen
Fall 07′: Irina Kulikova
Spring 08′: Adina Forizs
Fall 08′: Natalia Chabanenko

Can you see something??


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  1. June 9, 2008 2:26 pm

    i see the resemblance too!

  2. June 10, 2008 1:50 am


    Very much the same facial features and resemblance to Daria.

  3. Michelle permalink
    June 10, 2008 3:02 am

    Kristen McMenamy was HUGE in the adrogenous 90s. She and Linda Evangelista did many editorials and campaigns together, especially Versace. Kristen was a fave of Anna Wintour and Steven Miesel as well. I personally didn’t think she was attractive but she was interesting looking. Anyhow it was before your time and she was a HUGE Supermodel but not in a sexy way. You should check out her old stuff … it was very interesting, gothy, androgenous.

    PS. Love your site and your writing.

  4. Michelle permalink
    June 10, 2008 3:28 am

    PS. This new girl kinda looks like Shalom Harlow in the face. Look at older, younger pics of Shalom in the 90s and early 2000s …strong resemblence

  5. franzy permalink
    June 10, 2008 5:41 am

    They do look alike, but I like Daria better.

    Kristen McNemany was huge in the 90’s! She appeared once on the cover of American Vogue.

  6. Kielo permalink
    June 10, 2008 11:21 am

    Kristen also did Marc Jacobs F/W 05 campaign, I think she is married to Craig McDean.

  7. Michelle permalink
    June 10, 2008 4:55 pm

    No, sorry that info isn’t correct on McDean. He is married to married stylist Tabitha Simmons.

  8. June 11, 2008 4:43 am

    Yes, she does look a bit like Daria.

    Lily Shen, the girl I featured looks somewhat like Ling Tan.

  9. June 11, 2008 4:46 am

    Kristen McMenamy is that eyebrow-less model who looks like an alien. She’s really odd looking and was one of Meisel’s darlings in the 1990s.

  10. Kielo permalink
    June 11, 2008 1:15 pm

    It says on Wikipedia that Kristen is married to Miles Aldridge, bizarre that I should confuse them…

    Anyway, I`ve been looking at a collections magazine that has a page tall image of Natalia C. in the closing Prada look. And as she is holding her chin up, her nose is bit pig-like. Now that could work for her I guess, if Meisel did a
    Winnie the Pooh cover for VI. (Too early to say really, I still want Adina back!!!)

  11. July 4, 2008 6:50 pm

    Kristen McMenamy what Michelle said.

  12. July 4, 2008 6:56 pm

    Very nice blog by the way.

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