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Killing the hype

May 8, 2008

I have read about this article from The Imagist, saying that a supposed-to-happen second major black models moment after the Vogue Italia act, has been dropped because ”the entire enterprise of this issue has been beset with serious misinformation, with unreliable sources spewing speculation that has been treated as fact by the mainstream media”.

The news leaked around two weeks ago, and the entire blogosphere went crazy about it as the matter is huge. That June issue is one and a half months away from its release and before anything could be shot, it has already attracted a lot of controversy and excitement. Is Meisel unhappy about it? And if it did killed another historical fashion moment, then it is rather regretful.

That aside, I have been wondering what ‘second major black model moment’ is that. A coveted ad campaign with all black models? Another major cover? Or something very exclusive? I am curious…



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  1. May 9, 2008 4:47 am

    Is the “Vogue Italia act” in the article referring to using Eva Mendez on the cover?

    Based on what I read in The Imagist article, VI was planning a “black issue” photographed exclusively by Meisel. But other photographers are shooting black models for VI too so Meisel might not get the exclusive for VI afterall.

    Also, there is another major black model being shot for the issue. Does that mean Naomi isn’t getting her way? She usually ban other black models from the shoot.

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