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”I’m not a FAKE plastic bag”

September 9, 2007

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Unless you live in Pluto, you should have heard of that sensational Anya Hindmarch recycle bag even if you don’t own one. I went on to check it out at eBay and the price range from as cheap as US$0.99 to $200++. The thing is, how to differentiate which is genuine and which is fake?
Here’s how:

1. Size
real: height 32cm, width 32cm, depth 17cm
fake: height 34cm, width 31cm, depth 16cm

real : 1cm below top of the bag
fake: 4cm below top of bag

3. Handles
real: stiff and twine-like
fake: soft and rope-like

4. Inner lining
real: The words ”we are what we do” printed on the back lining with a copyright symbol ”Anya Hindmarch London” printed on front lining in official lettering.
fake: Opposite position, with an extra inner pocket

5. Logo
real: Embroidered on the real bag with the letters ‘A’ and ‘H’ within loops of the bow.
fake: a simple bow printed on it.

6. Stitching
real: The words ‘I’m NOT A Plastic Bag’ are cut from canvas and sewn on the front, giving a 3D effect.
fake: printed badly

7. Base
real: Hard cardboard base
fake: Nothing. Will look unpleasantly slouchy and shapeless if not filled.

8. Availability
real: It’s hard to get
fake: It’s easy to get

sources: 8Days magazine ( S’pore )

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